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Completely Remodeled Hall Bathroom in Arlington Heights, Illinois

The customer wanted to completely remodel their existing outdated 1950’s hall bathroom.  It was a medium sized bathroom with adequate space.

We started out by removing all of the existing bathroom fixtures, bathtub/shower enclosure and tile.  The existing walls and ceiling were not in great condition so we removed all the drywall in the bathroom down to the framing.
We installed new drywall on the walls and ceiling.  We installed cement board panels in the bathtub/shower enclosure to protect against moisture and mold.

We had enough space to install a standard sized fiberglass whirlpool bathtub with a fiberglass skirt panel on the front of the bathtub.  We installed 12”x 12” porcelain tile in the bathtub/shower enclosure and installed the same tile on the floor.  Using the same size and color tile on the bathtub/shower enclosure walls and floor made the room look larger.

We installed a double bowl vanity cabinet.  We installed a granite vanity top and two undermount porcelain sink bowls.  We installed matching vanity faucets that also matched the bathtub/shower faucet.  Using matching faucets gave the space a cohesive and finished look.

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