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Deck and Sunroom Addition in Glen Ellyn, Illinois


The customers wanted to add a sunroom and deck off of the back of their house so they could enjoy their back yard and gardens.  Since the customers lived in downtown Glenn Ellyn where the lot sizes are small we had building constraints with respect to the size of the sunroom and deck we could add.  In addition the customers shared a driveway with their next door neighbor so we had to maneuver equipment and building materials within the driveway constraints.

One of the challenges to this project is that the home had an existing brick exterior that was about 70 years old.  The customers wanted the exterior of the sunroom to be in brick as well and wanted it to match the existing brick on the house.  It took a lot of searching but we were able to find a brick that matched the existing brick.

The sunroom was constructed with a vaulted ceiling and very large windows so we could get as much light in the room as possible despite the customers’ wooded backyard. 
In addition to the sunroom we constructed a large deck where the customers could step right onto from the sunroom.  The deck has a stairway that leads into the yard.  The deck was constructed out of weather resistant material that keeps maintenance to a minimum. 

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