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Family Room Addition in Winfield, Illinois


The customers wanted to add a sunroom/family room to the back of the house to increase their living space and to be able to enjoy the views of their backyard. 

We constructed the room using conventional framing.  We constructed the room to have a vaulted ceiling and lots of windows to let in an abundance of sunlight.  We installed oversized windows and a triangular transom on top of the central windows.  The transom window fit in perfectly with the vaulted ceiling.

We installed cedar siding and trim on the exterior of the room and painted it to match the existing house.  The existing house roof was fairly new so we were able to match up shingles for the new room.

We installed all required electrical in the interior and exterior of the room.  We installed a ceiling fan in the center of the vaulted ceiling to enhance air circulation.  We also installed recessed can lights in the ceiling to provide proper lighting.  The recessed can lights could be dimmed to create more mood lighting.
The interior of the room was drywalled.  We installed hard wood flooring as well.  We finished off the room with wide trim around the interior of the windows and for the baseboards to provide more architectural interest.

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