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Garage and Porch Addition in Geneva, Illinois

The customers wanted to add a third bay to their existing two car garage to increase storage space.  They also wanted to add a covered space in the backyard next to an existing patio where they could sit and enjoy the outside.

We added a third single garage bay next to their existing two car garage.  We removed the existing exterior/ new interior wall that separate the 2nd and 3rd bays.  We constructed the pitch of the roof to match the existing garage roof.
The customers had recently resided their house so we were able to purchase and install the same siding on the new garage bay.  We added a custom trapezoid window on the side of the newly added garage bay next to the roof line to let in light to the garage and add some interest.  We installed a new garage door to match the existing garage double door.

Behind the new garage bay the customers wanted a porch where they could sit and enjoy their backyard.  They wanted to achieve a more rustic look to the porch.  In order to achieve this look we used cedar and stone materials.  We constructed (4) pillar supports that were half stone and half cedar.  We installed cedar tongue and groove on the ceiling to add to the rustic look.  We added a ceiling fan that could create a nice breeze.

Lastly, to finish off the backyard porch brick flooring was added and new landscape to compliment the shape of the porch. 

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