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Kitchen Dining Room Remodeling St. Charles, IL

The customer wanted to partially remodel their kitchen and dining room.  Both rooms only needed a little updating.

To provide a more open feel we removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  Since it was a load bearing wall we had to install a header.  There was a heat run and cold air returns that ran to the second floor in the removed wall so we needed to relocate them.

We installed a tray ceiling with a decorative center in the dining room for the aesthetic aspect as well as to provide a space to relocate the heat run and cold air returns.  We then drywalled the newly installed pass through from the kitchen to the dining room and the tray ceiling.

The removal of the wall left a void in the hardwood flooring.  We laced in the voided area and refinished all the hardwood flooring on the first floor.

The open pass through provided enough room to install an island in the kitchen.  We installed semi-custom cabinetry and trim in a painted finish.   Since the balance of the remaining kitchen had laminate countertops we remove the existing countertops and installed granite countertops on the existing and new cabinetry. 

This partial remodel provided the updated look that the customer was after.

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