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Completely Renovated Kitchen in Bartlett, Illinois


The customer wanted to moderately remodel their 1960’s outdated kitchen.  We removed the soffits, outdated cabinets, laminate countertops and linoleum flooring. 

We added a tiled floor throughout the kitchen.  We kept the same location of the sink and dishwasher under the window. 

The cabinets are from a stock cabinetry line.  They are oak in a light stain finish.  We finished the cabinets off with two piece crown molding and a decorate molding on the bottom of the wall cabinets for a custom look.

W added granite countertops with an undermount stainless steel sink and faucet.  Lastly, we installed a decorative tiled backsplash that wraps around the kitchen window to finish off this complete kitchen remodel.

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