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Laundry / Mudroom Room Remodeling Geneva, Il

The customers wanted to completely remodel their existing laundry room and convert it to a laundry/mudroom.  The existing laundry room had a large closet with two sets of by-fold doors as well as a washer, dryer and utility sink. 

We started out by removing the existing closet and byfold doors.  We also removed the utility sink since there was already one in the basement.  This provided a lot of additional space.

We relocated the washer and dryer power source and hook-ups within the laundry/mudroom so the existing space could be better utilized.  This was not complicated since the hook-ups came up from an unfinished portion of the basement.

The laundry room opened to the garage.  However, there was no access to the backyard.  The customers wanted an access to the backyard.  We cut out and framed in a door for access to the backyard.  We installed a steel entry door with a nine light window in the top half.  This allowed for daylight to come into the laundry/mudroom.

To finish off this remodel we installed a boot bench with hooks and storage cubbies so coats, boots, shoes, etc. could be stored neatly.

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