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Completely Renovated Kitchen in Geneva, Illinois


The customer wanted to completely remodel their outdated kitchen within the current footprint and configuration of their current kitchen.  We removed the soffits, outdated cabinets, laminate countertops and linoleum flooring. 

The existing kitchen eating area was right next to the family room.  The customer still wanted the open feel but wanted a little separate between the two rooms.  We added a ceiling soffit with decorative columns on each side of the room opening.  We were able to achieve the separation while maintaining the open feel.

The kitchen had an existing standard size double hung window over the kitchen sink.  One of the goals of the remodel was to allow more natural light into the kitchen by the sink and range area.  The existing double hung window was removed and a new tall casement window with a transom was installed spanning from the sink to the top of the ceiling.

We added hardwood flooring throughout the kitchen and eating area.  We also installed hardwood flooring in an adjoining laundry room.

We kept the same location of the sink, dishwasher, range and refrigerator.  We were able to incorporate a large island with seating on one side and storage and a built in microwave on the other side.  On each end of the island there are concealed storage areas behind door panels for spices. 
The cabinets are from a stock cabinetry line.  To add interest, the cabinets have a standard stain finish with a glaze over the stained finish.  We used trim accents to create a custom look from stock cabinetry.  The range hood has trim details with a stucco finish above.

Lastly, we added granite countertops and a decorative tumbled marble tiled backsplash with an accent pattern over the range to finish off this complete kitchen remodel.
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